Stop the NOISE!!!

So as many know I live on the east side of a small island known as Manhattan… In this section of the island things work a bit differently from the rest of the world. By 2 parents have applied to put their crayon eating toddlers in a school with a bill anywhere from 10-30k a year. They bring these babies that are still in diapers on these interviews to find them a proper preschool. Some say which preschool one chooses or gets accepted to may determine which elementary school & so forth & so on they will attend for their whole school career. I say ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean we’re all successful enough to be living in this city and did any of us go to any of these schools? I’m sure a select few but the majority… NO.


So… Here’s the thing, we’re not in competition, neither of our kids are perfect… Your not nor am I mother of the year… We’re all really just trying to get through the day & fuck up our kids as little as possible!!! So I ask, WHY? Why the bitchy face when my kid hits yours? Why the dirty look when my boy throws a tantrum? Yea your kids a saint… NEVER EVER WILL IT BE YOUR CHILD DOING THAT!!! Do you think I’m not as uncomfortable if not more watching this?