Buenos Dias Playa Del Carmen… TRY NOT TO GET HURT WHILE THERE!!!

As our second year is over in Playa Del Carmen and I wanted to make a list of some great things to do with the kids while in the area. We spend 3-4 months a year there and absolutely love it. Like most places, the locals have the ins on the best spots. We dine out a lot and with 2 very active boys I need to keep everyone busy.  Here is my list! (Not in any particular order):

Punta Esmerelda

A small cenote at the end of playa, great for wading with the kids. Its shallow water is filled with fish and view of the ocean is amazing. There is also a playground onsite and street meat. NO BATHROOMS but lots of trees! This is our favorite beach in Playa with the kids. Side note: Weekends are VERY BUSY so try and make this a M-F thing

Punta Esmarelda



A super cool beach front restaurant with the best view! The tables sit on the sand so the kids can play and the music is loud enough that they can make lots of noise. The food is ACTUALLY great as a bonus feature of this must see place

Indigo Beach

Breakfast spot, Delicious, super cheap breakfast spot IN THE SAND! Watch the waves as you eat amazing food with beautiful atmosphere

Cueva Del Chango

Breakfast spot, Amazing garden and pools of turtles & fish for the kids to explore while eating; AMAZING food and baked goods

El Aquario De Playa

Great space to spend an hour or 2 maximum. There are 3 floors filled with fish, sharks and jelly fish. Not hands on interactive but fun to see

The world is your preschool: Mayan Ruins, Uxmal Edition

Giving our children experiances not things is a decision I will never regret. We travel to Uxmal in the Yucatan in this clip and the boys get to climb the ruins and explore… The boys have now visited Chichen Itza, Tulum Ruins and Uxmal, For those pics check out our instagram. Your never to young to start exploring, Here is our journey to Uxmal…

Our big fat Moroccan Adventure (The very skinny version)

Just picture this, The whole family… a bus… 2 toddlers, one grandma, one uncle… one aunt, Dad, Mom and 9 DAYS IN MOROCCO!!! It was a truly magical trip. We take many adventures but this one excited me. My mother was born in Casablanca and I have heard so many stories and lived a big fat Moroccan childhood so now I could connect the dots. The foods we ate as children and clothing that were normal to me, a culture I was proud to call my own.

Families with children BEWARE! Travel ban in Mexico!!!

I felt the need to write this today after a vlog post I released last weekend. Mexico has gotten some really bad press recently and as someone who comes here 4-5 months a year and sends my children to school here I am hoping to help shed some light for those folks that have not been here in recent times (Because if you have you’re clearly aware off the dangers…LOL)

Stop the NOISE!!!

So as many know I live on the east side of a small island known as Manhattan… In this section of the island things work a bit differently from the rest of the world. By 2 parents have applied to put their crayon eating toddlers in a school with a bill anywhere from 10-30k a year. They bring these babies that are still in diapers on these interviews to find them a proper preschool. Some say which preschool one chooses or gets accepted to may determine which elementary school & so forth & so on they will attend for their whole school career. I say ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean we’re all successful enough to be living in this city and did any of us go to any of these schools? I’m sure a select few but the majority… NO.


So… Here’s the thing, we’re not in competition, neither of our kids are perfect… Your not nor am I mother of the year… We’re all really just trying to get through the day & fuck up our kids as little as possible!!! So I ask, WHY? Why the bitchy face when my kid hits yours? Why the dirty look when my boy throws a tantrum? Yea your kids a saint… NEVER EVER WILL IT BE YOUR CHILD DOING THAT!!! Do you think I’m not as uncomfortable if not more watching this?