40 things I learned by 40

I turned 40 last year and in the midst of a global pandemic and losing my mother I had to remind myself that YES… 40 is a turning point but even though we are hitting the possible midpoint of life, we can now live the next half with the confidence & knowledge of being alive 40 years while still having the physical capabilities of youth. 40 seems to be a big deal, especially among women, We can no longer be the young hot girls we once were. Many of us have families and are at pinnacle points in our careers or like me “Starting again”. We lack the care free attitude of our 30’s because we “Still had time”. If we don’t have careers or families we are now in a rush. We are entering a point where the hemlines need to be dropped and the respect raised. Here are some of my hard earned lessons and Cheers to 40! Fuck it being the new 20… 40 is the new 40 and I earned this 40!!!

  1. Love your mother while you have her because when she’s gone, you’ll miss being annoyed at her
  2. Forgive yourself
  3. It’s OK not to be OK
  4. Love the shit about yourself that you love about yourself even if it’s the stuff people dislike about you
  5. Laugh as loud as you can as often as possible
  6. DANCE, Never miss an opportunity to dance
  7. Take a step back when needed
  8. Say No when you need to (It’s OK to say no)
  9. Keep in touch with friends
  10. Build boundaries and keep them without guilt
  11. Don’t get upset over things you cannot control
  12. Let cooler heads prevail
  13. Do the best you can ALWAYS, Even when you know it will not be reciprocated
  14. Be a decent human
  15. Do not get mad over what you can not control
  16. Don’t put off becoming who you were meant to be
  17. Pray
  19. Take care of your body
  20. Take care of your mind
  21. Not everyone stays forever and that’s OK, enjoy them while they are present in that chapter of your life
  22. Keep an open heart and an open door
  23. Trust your gut
  24. Know when to follow your head and know when to follow your heart, understand the difference
  25. Being broken doesn’t mean it/you can’t be fixed
  26. We all go out the same door when the show is over, NO ONE CARES IF YOU WERE CARRYING A GUCCI BAG!
  27. Buy experiences not things
  28. Red lipstick is ALWAYS a good idea
  29. Diets are great, cheat days are better
  30. Hangovers suck
  31. Being rich doesn’t always mean being happy
  33. Rock bottom means nowhere to go but up 
  34. Over dressed can be awkward but underdressed can be uncomfortable
  35. Anxiety is real
  36. Enjoy yourself, This life is one
  37. Be humble
  38. Judge no one
  39. Love yourself just the way you are, Don’t wait for the weight to come off or the hair to grow
  40. And as my mom & I always say… “There is always time for another great love”

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