Families with children BEWARE! Travel ban in Mexico!!!

I felt the need to write this today after a vlog post I released last weekend. Mexico has gotten some really bad press recently and as someone who comes here 4-5 months a year and sends my children to school here I am hoping to help shed some light for those folks that have not been here in recent times (Because if you have you’re clearly aware off the dangers…LOL)

Walking to school with friends on Quinta in the “Level 4” travel warning area

We wake up to the sunrise at 7 am every day, My children roam the halls off our condo in Playa Del Carmen. Neighbors invite them in for snacks and the security guard plays with them. At 8:45 we begin our 25 minute walk to school. We walk in the tourist area, through the hotel district and Quinta Avenida to the more local parts of Playa Del Carmen. We stop for coffee & delicious chocolate croissants in the panderia. I push my double stroller through the streets with ease and when a high curb arises people offer to help. My older son Simon runs through the streets freely greeting dogs and people on our walk.

At Kool beach club for some fun & lunch

After drop off I head to the gym… LIKE I DO IN NY. After I may meet a friend at a local cafe for breakfast or a coffee and some work. At around 12:30 pm I pick the boys up and we walk home as they nap. After nap they wake up and we head to our activity. The beach, pool, playground, waterpark, play space, walk or meet friends for a playdate. All in town, all on foot, all in the level four travel ban zone where we live. My children are Caucasian  and despite us speaking Spanish we clearly are not Mexican. But this doesn’t make us unsafe in any way. We continue our day.

Cenote Natori in Cancun with friends

At night we head to Quinta Avenida for dinner or to walk and shop. SO FAR in my whole day, every day not once have I felt threatened. I am from NYC and in recent times I am afraid to walk in to get a coffee for fear of a mass shooting. I do not live with this fear here. I do not feel when my kids are at school they are unsafe. I sleep with ease at night.

Dinner at Zenzi Beach (10th and the ocean) One of our favorite dinner spots

Weekends we rent a car occasionally and travel around the Yucatan visiting archeological sites, Tulum, Puerto Morales, Holbox, Rio Lagartos, Cancun, Cenotes. We drive through the country felling no less safe than in the USA. In New York if I go to dinner on the street I would never place my purse on the outside of my chair… Why would here be any different? Friends and family visit us weekly and fall in love with our lives here. My children are happy here and experiencing another language and culture and if not for the aggressive travel bans this would be paradise (Though maybe they are great to keep the morons away). I will say this, If you are a resort all inclusive person than you are not a traveler and don’t judge a country you have never truly experienced, You my friend are a vacationer; and good on you. Mexico is not unsafe. People go about their every day lives. Children are free in school and not ins fear of shootings on a daily basis.

Taking a visit into the past to lear a bit about Mayan history in Tulum
Playing at Punta Esmarelda, A very local cenote with shallow water and great playground for the kids to wade & play

So families with children BEWARE, beware of exposing your children to a beautiful country with amazing culture and brilliant people; and friends please don’t forget to beware of the wolves that live in your homeland as well.

Taking cabs freely around town

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32 thoughts on “Families with children BEWARE! Travel ban in Mexico!!!

  1. Rick says:

    We spent 2 months here for the last 3 years and I agree with everything that you wrote.

    We were about 2 mikes down the beach in Playacar when we heard the explosion. Since then we have received lots of emails from worried friends back in Canada asking if we were ok. One was from friends who were in Vegas at the time. We wrote back thanking them for their concern but we also said that we were worried for them because of the mass shooting that happened a few months ago.

    For anyone reading this, the forecast for the next week is 30 degrees Celsius and sunny. Come on down!

  2. Eryn says:

    Love this love this LOVE this! As someone who lives near Tulum & gave birth to my daughter in Playa… THANK YOU for saying what we’ve all been thinking! (Although maybe the ban will keep this little paradise just for us?) ;p

  3. Becky says:

    Thank you for sharing I love it there and never had a problem ! I was just worried about the people so thank u for sharing!

  4. Dave Perry says:

    As someone who also spends several months a year in Playa, our experience has been much the same! It’s a wonderful, diverse community and anyone staying away for safety concerns is missing out.

  5. Ana Montesinos says:

    This a beaufitul post! We need more massages as this one. Anything you need don’t doubt in contact me. I’m concierge and also I work as a babysitter in the USA.

  6. Rachel says:

    I’m sure the families that lost their precious children while vacationing at all inclusive resorts in Mexico feel differently. I’m sure the folks that were sexually assaulted and got no assistance from the police or hotel security feel differently. This travel ban is caused by a lot of scary stuff. Glad you feel safe, but it’s good to make people aware of all the recent dangers so they can make an informed decision.

  7. Giovanni Ciaramella says:

    Sorry to disapoint you all, but idisegree.
    I am victim of kidnaping and torture by 4 playa del carmen polices men.
    Thank God i am still alive and for giving me the posiblity to report and sue the entire situacion wich is very much going on rigth now.
    The peolpe who realy make playa del carmen are the great onse, me too love playa del carmen very much, dougther was born here, and i love all the people who lives here, it’the great and honest mexican people who makes this beutyfull city still up an running, but if was not for the out of control corruption it would be even greater than wath is it rigth now.
    Security warning exist couse of a reason, maybe you have just been luky.
    If izzynew would like to know what realy happened and still happening and what will huppen to mi and my mexican brother in law will be a plaseure to tell you. Be aware good and honest people that there is only one paradise and it is up there.
    God bless you all and peace

  8. Rachel Arroyo says:

    Are you really screening posts that don’t agree with you?? I posted a contrary post and don’t see it here. Shame on you. Getting paid by the travel board of Mexico??

  9. Dr Britt Rios-Ellis says:

    I raised my kids for part of their childhood in Mexico-it was wonderful!! And not only safe but loving!

  10. Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing this, I totally agree with you. I am currently in Puerto Morelos, staying at a very small family owned and operated motel, and they have gone out of their way to make our visit enjoyable. I’ve been here several times and find the Mexican people to be very kind and wanting to go out of their way to help you. That is why I return year after year. I spend a fraction of what I would spend in the States for great accommodations and food, I would have it no other way!

  11. Keith Lombard says:

    My wife and I are, so called vacationers, and spend several nights / evenings in Playa. Safety has never been a thought. However, I would not feel safe walking the evening streets of many areas of St. Louis where we live. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your blog. If it was not for our grandchildren and my wife not wanting to be away from them for a long period of time and our forth from youngest daughter in July, we would be doing exactly what you and your family is doing. ❤️ 🏝 ☀️

  12. Dyanne says:

    Izzy, loved the post! All very true and I agree with you so very much. But I wished you had not added the dig about people who stay at All inclusive resorts. Yes, a lot of the people who go to them do not leave the resort. But more common are people like my husband and I who travel extensively to many places in many parts of the would. Who also travel to Playa, Puerto Morelos and stay in condos, take the ADO & collectivo to see and visit the beauty of the area, cenotes etc. But the same people, like hubby and I, will also book a week at one of the nice All Inclusives for the pampering and “excuse to do nothing ” but lay by the pool it offers.

  13. Gail Albanese says:

    I would not leave my young children to roam the halls and accept invites for snacks from neighbours in my home town, never mind in a foreign country such as Mexico. It appears your children are left unattended while allowed to roam. You are playing Russian roulette, my dear. I live in PoMo and love it here! But this is not paradise however beautiful it may be. If you have been robbed of a wallet; ripped off at a gas station; bribed on the road by police who arbitarily pull you over; had the bumper of your car shot out you realize this is not paradise and you must be aware of your surroundings at all time. Ask someone who has been assaulted in a taxi cab; raped on their way back from the store; robbed at knife point etc., etc., how they feel about their safety in Mexico. Not to forget, the many, many restaurant owners in particular, who pay extortion fees to the cartels for protection. Crime is rampant here and the underbelly is not pretty. Why do I stay here? Because I love it! The food, the culture and most of all, the lovely Mexican people. But my eyes are wide open to the potential dangers. Do I sleep well at night? Absolutely, because I have taken the necessary precautions to make my home secure. Do I go out at night and enjoy myself at dinner? Of course, but I make sure I have a safe way home. Do I spend the day at the beach? Without a doubt. But I make sure I have very little or no valuables with me. Would I let my children roam the halls of my condo and accept invitations from neighbours to go in for a treat? Absolutely not! This is all in my humble opinion. Enjoy life in Mexico, but wise folks are those who are realists and exercise caution.

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